The best essay writing can take a lot of time and requires critical thinking and analytical skills in order to do thorough investigative research, record the results and findings, and reach rational conclusions. The arrangement of an essay is not as complicated as a research paper. Whereas a conventional research paper begins with an abstract and is divided into headings, such as the introduction, analysis, findings, conclusions, and recommendations, essays rely less on data and the scientific method and more on the writer’s expression of ideas.

Writing a good essay, especially a strong persuasive paper, begins with an introduction containing about three sentences (the last being the thesis statement), two or three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In building the introduction when writing persuasive essays, our expert online custom essay writers typically use a general statement followed by statistical data to back it up. This creates a solid foundation for the thesis. To make sense of this, let us consider the following as a sample of a persuasive essay. Suppose we want to argue that video games have a negative affect on children. The first sentence might say, “Video games involving violent shooting affect our youth in a profoundly negative way.” The second sentence could be, “According to a recent report by the American Research Institute, roughly 95% of American teenagers are addicted to action shooter games, which is twice as much as it was in 2006.” Then we arrive at the thesis statement, which is, “Video games are a great evil that desensitize children and lead them to act violent and aggressive towards others in the real world and subsequently result in the loss of all moral values.” In the main body, we develop two paragraphs that support the argument, each providing explanations for the thesis.

The first paragraph might focus on examples of how moral values have been lost as a result of video games while the second discusses evidence of how video games cause teenagers to behave more aggressively towards family and friends. Finally, the conclusion demonstrates that the findings offer ample evidence that our thesis is correct.

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