Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I buy essays from Custom-Essays-Online, how can I be certain that my paper will be free from plagiarism?

    Students that buy custom essay services and products from are issued a full guarantee against plagiarism. Every document is scanned using special software, and a free plagiarism report is issued to any customer free of charge, at his or her request.

  • How can I be assured that you offer successful essays to buy?

    When students purchase essay assignments from, we use a variety of approaches to successfully complete their custom essay orders. Before research is conducted, the writer is sure to check every last detail that the customer requests in order to make sure he/she is on the right track. Then he or she begins to custom write the customer’s essay with confidence.

  • How can I upload additional materials for my order?

    When students buy essays from, we request that they attach all necessary materials to the order form. Alternatively, customers that purchase essay assignments from us may send any extra materials to after they place their orders. When students buy custom essay writing from, they are also allowed to communicate directly with their writers.

  • Can I receive a refund if I am dissatisfied with my custom essay?

    Refunds can be issued if a customer should buy custom essay writing that does not comply with the detailed instructions that the customer provides in the original order.

  • When I purchase essay writing from Custom-Essays-Online, can you meet my deadline?

    When a student chooses to buy papers online from Custom-Essays-Online, we guarantee a timely delivery.

  • What is the reason for the cheap price when I order an essay online from Custom-Essays-Online?

    We charge a cheap price when students buy from us online to make our products and services affordable for all students.

  • When I buy essays online from Custom-Essays-Online how should I use my free account?

    When students buy essays from us, an account is automatically created when they place their first orders. They regularly use their passwords to log in to their accounts where they may communicate with their writers, track the process of their orders and review their order history. Students with essays to buy may be assured that their personal information will never be shared with any third party.

  • How will my paper be delivered?

    Upon completion, essays are uploaded to the customer’s personal area on the where it can be downloaded. Alternatively, the customer may, at the time he or she orders an essay online from us, request that the completed file be sent to him or her via email.