Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. Provided your application is received within two weeks of the deadline expiring, our company will consider refunding the order price in part or full. Where claims concern plagiarism, these or any other time limits do not apply. We will, however, request a reliable plagiarism report as a proof that liability rests with our writers.                     

Note: We accept plagiarism reports from such systems as Turnitin.com and its sister websites (iThenticate, WriteCheck and so on). However, we cannot accept reports from SafeAssign.com because these are not considered accurate, nor can we accept hand-written file notes as concrete proof.                   

  1. At times, our company is asked to continue orders started by others. The only parts of these assignments we analyze for plagiarism, however, are those we ourselves work on. This means we cannot be held to account for any plagiarism found in those parts written by the customer.      
  2. If a customer is not entirely happy with their paper, we will look closely at their concerns and provide a report within a four-day period. The order price will be returned in part or full if customer’s concerns are found to be justified.            


  1. As long as you contact us within 2 days of your order’s deadline expiring, your paper will be revised at no cost to yourself. Once this timeframe passes, a new compensatory order will most likely be needed. If our writer revises your paper without additional payment, you will not be eligible for a refund at a future time.                
  2. Papers that are 20 pages long or longer will be modified free-of-charge for up to 30 days after the deadline passes.  
  3. If you change your original order specification, we will not be able to offer you free revisions. Additionally, we may ask for a compensation order if critical resources or information are not received on time.             
  4. A new deadline will need to be agreed if you choose our free revisions option. Some types of revision can take one day, but a lot depends on how complex the task and how difficult or easy an order is to reassign. Rest assured, however, that we do everything humanly possible to deliver all orders on time.               
  5. On occasion, members of our team may need to get in touch with you, which means they will email you or post messages to your profile area. Hence, we recommend you check your messages and reply promptly. While some people neglect to include critical materials when ordering, it is your sole responsibility to ensure we receive all necessary details with an initial order or later on if requested.
  6. An “Extended Revision” option is now available for our customers. They can choose it while placing an order. If chosen, the free revision period will be extended from 48 hours up to 14 days. This option will cost just 30% of paper cost.  It is important to keep in mind that revision instructions must be the same as initial ones otherwise clients will not be able to use “Extended Revision” option. Also notice that our company will not provide customers with compensation if customer does not apply for a revision.         

A Full Refund

  1. We may return your money in full in the event of error, e.g., if you place a duplicate order or if we double-charge you. Surplus orders can be cancelled via our support team.
  2. The full order price will be returned if a writer cannot be located.      
  3. If you receive your money back in full, you should cease using any resources already provided.         

A Partial Refund

  1. It is possible that a percentage refund will be issued if the length of assignment you chose is incorrect.     
  2. It is possible that a percentage refund will be issued if the academic or writing level you chose is incorrect.     
  3. It is possible that a percentage refund will be issued if the order you submitted is found to have any discrepancies.    
  4. Order cancellation (when assignment is allocated):

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

Important Note: We cannot facilitate cancellations when a writer has been assigned and a deadline still has 30% remaining. The same principle applies if a project is finished or already uploaded.     

Late Verification

  1. You may be asked to verify your order by our Financial Department, a method we use for the prevention of Internet scams. In cases where verification is not received promptly, the deadline only starts when the relevant proof is provided. If lateness presents a problem for you, you can try to arrange an extension to the completion deadline or send us a new order if you want your paper urgently.                    

Word Count Issues

  1. We count the number of pages in an order according to the overall number of words, and on the basis of 300 words to a page. Due to their high numerical content, technical papers are excluded from this method of calculation and are instead priced according to their complexity levels.       
  2. Speaker notes to accompany PowerPoint presentations. Where notes are required for .ppt slides, we provide 100 to 150 words per slide.           
  3. The cost of online tests is calculated separately from other assignments. The basis of this calculation is 5 questions (multiple-choice questions included) per page and the total number of questions. This means you will need to place a 2-page order if your assignment has 10 questions.                       


  1. Order price will be subject to appropriate adjustment where the customer requests early delivery. This modification will require the customer to place a new order. If our writer agrees to early completion without additional payment, you will not be eligible for a refund on that order at a future time.            
  2. If our company fails to deliver an order by the agreed deadline and without negotiating an extension, the affected customer will receive at least a part refund.            

Order Type

  1. It is important you choose the correct paper type during order placement, e.g., “Research Paper,” “Review,” etc.      
  2. Rewriting is the rephrasing or rewording of a text. An additional order will only be needed if you ask for extra text, sources, research, or anything that resembles fresh content.          
  3. Please monitor your messages for communications from us. It is important you respond in a timely manner, especially if approval or feedback is needed from you.