We welcome you to our website and we thank you for making time to browse our range of services. The main aim of our administration team is keeping the personal data of our clientele safe and secure. Therefore, they use every means at their disposal to keep this data free from misuse and other dangers. Below, is an explanation of why we gather particular types of data, what this data is and what the benefits are.

To start with, if we are to cooperate with you to the best of our ability, we need to know about:

  • Clients
  • Visitors to our website

Every piece of data collected by our web server is likely to include:

  • Access time
  • The browsers used by visitors
  • The operating systems used by visitors  

Information in this category presents no risk to the customer of identity disclosure. Moreover, we never share this or other types of information with third parties, nor do we publish, distribute or sell it through any channels. The sole purpose of this data is to refine and customize the information provided on our company’s website, to continue to develop the said information and enhance the way it is presented.           


Like any number of other websites, we use cookies to:

  • Develop a better navigation experience
  • Gather important data of the statistical variety in respect of how our website is used, e.g., in terms of frequency of access, visitor traffic, etc.      

Personal Information – What Details Do We Collect?

To register on our website, we will require your first name, last name, email address and valid contact telephone number.

We continually remind customers that we only use contact data for the purpose of order fulfillment. Sometimes, we are obliged to contact customers because we need their input on some aspect of an order (such as agreeing to a topic), because they neglected to upload crucial order materials or for some fairly similar reason. Clearly, given the foregoing, it is important we have your correct and most current contact details to facilitate smooth communication and to provide the finest quality services.       

Processing of Transactions/Payments

Because we use extremely secure payment systems, there is no risk that billing data will be revealed. Moreover, we escape fraudulent activity on the Internet by verifying customers’ identity.           

Customer Rights

You may correct, update or delete profile information by submitting a request to our support team.