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It is impossible to write an essay without first devoting a significant amount of time on preliminary planning. Every stage along the essay writing process is critical because the structure and flow of the paper mean everything. Once you advance past the brainstorming stage, you need to be able to skillfully transfer your ideas onto paper.

You must understand that an essay cannot exist as a loose, incoherent collection of independent ideas. Also, every individual thought in the paper needs academic knowledge as its base. For instance, if we make a statement like, “Never before has the organic farming been promoted as vigorously as it is today” we need concrete evidence to support this claim. Thus, statistics such as, “organic farming in the United States rose by 4.2% since 2008 and the number of organic farms has increased by more than 700” would be very helpful in your argument because the reader sees very specific proof of this.

As you conduct your research, remember to seek out multiple references. Not only do they reinforce your argument collectively, you might even find that one particular source makes a stronger point in favor of your argument than another one. Also, by building an effective knowledge framework, your essay will be better organized logically and the process of writing the paper more efficient.